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Garec Hale

on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:03 pm
Name: Garec Hale
Alias’: X , Dead One, Clincher
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthdate: (01/01/1275)
Time of birth: 01:01
Country of Origin: Japah
Birthplace: Clincher Labs Inc.
Ethnicity: Japahnese
Occupation: Contract Killer
Language(s): Taught all the known world languages in his advanced training regimen.
Native tongue: Japahnese
Religion: Nano-Sect
Culture: Admires all cultures, personally portrays the Japah culture in his own ways.
Cultural Background: Being raised and taught in seclusion and put through rigorous testing and
other educational courses he is incredible intelligent and well educated in all cultures in case the need to interact with them ever comes up
Political affiliation: X Cares not for politics, they mean very little to him.
Education: Clincher Labs elite training and coniditioning. Very well rounded in terms of education and other knowledgeable aspects.
IQ: 162
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Ornate Tsubaki linked with his exo frame, they are both powered by the sapphire soul stone that powers his frame.
He also carries two black powder grenades. Two smoke grenades. And several Kunai throwing blades.
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: Leather and cloth, covering his steel exo suit which is also powered by the same sapphire soul stone as his weapons.
Money/Amount of:
-Funds (On person): 10,000 Yen
-Funds (In bank): 150,000 Yen
Recent pictures: NONE
Blood type: O-
Height: 5'8
Eye Color:
Hair: Has the man bun. It's jet black.
Skin: Palish Tan
Shoe size: 11
Figure/build: Nimble, but muscular.
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Twin Kerasumai tatooed around his neck with a skull in the center.
-Scars: Scar over right eye.
-Piercings: Septum ring.
-Clothing style: Non-combat: Black Kimono with red Lotus', mask always covering his face. Wooden sandals.
Currently lives:
Living Arrangements: Clincher Asassin HQ
Description of daily surroundings: Classified.
Hobbies: Playing Cards / Gambling.
Talents/Skills: Arithmetic, geometry, phsyics, chemics. Hand to hand combat, ranged weapon combat.
Strengths: Intelligence and natural ability to take in and perceive normal sensory input data at a higher rate than normal.
Other strengths include: Leadership, decisiveness, will, ability to seize goals.
Weaknesses: Natural Socio-path. Finds it hard to trust people.
Love interest(s): The courtesans at the peeking bamboo bath house.
Sexual Orientation: Straight as fuck.
Dominant Hand: Right Ambidexetrous
Diet: Healthy, lean meats, vegetables.
Virgin?: Fuck no.
Drinker?: Bring on the Sake.
Smoker?: Smoke what?
Drug user?: Mmh, Opium.
Other addictions?: Killing people.
Pet peeves: To many questions, overall female drama.
Basic description: X is a cold and calculated killer. His contract is his binding word and cares little for anything other than money and his professional killing career.
Personality: Socio-pathic. Often uses people for personal gain, see's "friendships" and "relationships" as tools to help him further his own success. He's also super full of himself.
Likes: Women, favors of the flesh, money, being more powerful, killing people.
Dislikes: Awkward social interactions, children.
Motivations: To become the most powerful Assassin in all of Japah.
Morals: None.
Fears/Phobias: Failure.
Favourite quote: If it's alive, it can die.
Favourite food: The fruit between a womans legs.
Favourite drink: Sake.
Favourite color: Black.
Other favourites:
Family: N/A
-Parents: N/A
-Siblings: N/A
-Other close relatives: N/A
Friends: N/A
Partner: N/A
Offspring: N/a
Enemies: Everyone delegated by the Sect.
Pet(s): N/A
Special Body Augmentations: N/A
Official/Personal Training: Stated Above
Important Additional Notes: N/A
Early Childhood:

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