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Chapter One: Fallen

on Tue May 23, 2017 1:19 pm

The turbulent times were upon them, the mercenary group that stood against tyranny was once again suffering at the receiving end of injustice. With recent events residing within New Mecca, the Seven found themselves pinned against the wall with the Shogun's armies feet to their back. A publicly hosted execution was staged, at the whim of the wrongful slaying was at the hands of Shogun Haisho, with attempts to make an example of the infamous leader of the Sinister Seven and prove once and all that outrage against the Shogunites was to be dealt with in blood. With news traveling fast within the vast areas of the Tri-Mecca, thousands attended, many in glee, much more in disgust at the spectacle before them.

Aaron Havoc, the man feared by many was to be put to death. As they were hauled from their captured cells, they were placed on the chopping block and bludgeoned until dead. Though strange mystics led to the revival of Aaron Havoc, though with a binding deal of a strange creature with whispers and promises of revenge, to which Aaron Havoc bargained for the sake of those he wished to continue helping and the six that followed him to the end. With the now revived Aaron Havoc, Rook aided in the retreat of his fallen friend. Confused and dazed of the previous events, the Seven made retreat within the lower sewers of the city of New Mecca, facing half-threatening enemies of the creatures that lurked below.

Escaping and navigating their way to return to the Sinister Temple, a friend had left his sword behind with his body. A fallen comrade, Yujiro, had passed during their travels and surmising to death at the arrival of the temple. The Seven would cope and decide their next course of action.

How will the events taken place, decide the outcome?

GameMaster, Reka, Lei, Aaron, Rook, Nuk, Justin, Kelsey

On the side of the road, only a couple miles away from the Sinister Seven temple sat Reka along with Yujiro who was unconscious. Reka would lie Yujiro down trying to make him as comfortable as she could. It wasn't much longer before Yujiro would be leaving this world for the next. The medicine that was keeping him alive wasn't being as effective as it should have been. But that was to be expected. Yujiro had been on this medication for over a month now since they've returned to their headquarters. His body was able to become immune to the dosage, making the medicine ineffective. Yujiro had hoped it would keep him alive until their journey had ended but his injuries were too severe, there was no way around. The only thing keeping him going was his own will to live for the sake of the seven. Not even the best doctors within the regions could do anything for him, and even Reka who wanted to help Yujiro the most couldn't do anything about his injuries. His fate was now at the mercy of the Gods and Goddess of Japah. All Reka could do is be there for Yujiro in his final hours. Reka sitting beside him would look down at Yujiro with such a despairing look upon her face. All she could think about was what Yujiro wanted. All he wanted was to make his comrades proud. Yujiro never wanted to be vexatious to the rest.

Reka slowly reaching her hands down would gently pick Yujiro's head up. She'd place his head down against her lap trying to make it easier for him to breathe as she could notice it was becoming harder for him. Yujiro would take a few more deep breaths before his skin quickly became cold and his body movements became less. Reka would grab both her hands together as she began to pray for Yujiro while hoping someone or even her teammates wouldn't be far and find them along the road path.


A rather nice day within the forests in the Japahnese province of Fukitara, a gentle breeze flowing through the numerous tree limbs lifting the petals of the cherry blossoms off of the tree branches to then sailing in the wind. Birds singing out into the woods echoing from the trees and the sun shined brightly, the day truly felt that it was full of bliss. The young master known as Li Ming who trekked upon the dirt path on his way to the Tri-Mecca provinces to begin a life in the big city. The Cheng man clad in red silk and a specially made scale armor set looked into the clear blue sky watching the birds float above the trees. The surroundings to him were very relaxing and put a smile on his face, a place at peace like it is in that current moment always made him feel blissful. Just that feeling of pure happiness made him forget every problem in the world, and made him feel that there was no chaos that could possibly happen. He raises his head inhaling the fresh air then for a moment comes back down to earth as he looks down the path.

The moment he begins to pay attention he notices two passerby's on the side of the path, he assumed it might've been two lovers taking in the harmonious surroundings with the mixture of the day's atmosphere. The closer he got however the more he could read what was happening, hearing the man's labored breathing Li Ming would stop in his tracks giving him time to assess the situation and think on what he should do. He felt the urge to help them but he tried to figured out how to approach them. Finding the courage to be the helpful individual that he is he would jog over to them gripping the sheathe of his breeze sword. As he approaches them he would yell out to them wondering if they are alright. He would yell out, "Hello?" in the Pantheon tongue hoping they would understand that he was there to help, his speech of other languages other than his native one was never the best so he would repeat himself. He would look at them with his hands raised up and slightly out in front of him parallel to his chest as a signal to them that he is not looking for trouble. He would think to approach someone that is injured he would feel that they would be on edge, a bit of common sense he felt. When he got closer to them, close enough to be able to converse with each other he would ask them, "You need help?" trying to show that he can possibly help them. He began to have second thoughts on approaching them, was it really a good idea to approach two strangers that don't even know you while one of them is dying? He only hopes that they won't feel threatened, his nature put him into a situation that can become unpredictable, he would do what he can to not look or feel on edge. In turn he became bit on edge knowing that he may have to opt out of the scene transpiring in the Fukitara forest. Though he may not appear it, mentally he is on guard.

The sun beamed down upon Aaron as he made his way for the only home he knew. The petals of the cherry blossoms floated in the wind as he walked. "Rook..." Aaron paused. "There's something wrong." Aaron looked to the metal companion. He placed his hand on his metallic and hollow shoulder. "Be prepared for anything. There may be something ahead that may be of surprise. Call it a gut feelin'. Not that you'd know." He chuckled as he lightly punched Rook in his metal stomach.

Aaron continued, walkign the dirt path slowly, knowing there was no real rush. He knew the temple would wait for him, as it did all these years. By now, the temple's top of the roof was piercing through the shroud of the cherry blossom canopy. His eyes filled with excitement as he spotted the path ahead, laid with stone to lead to the temple. His boots crunched upon the broken pieces as he put an arm around his metal friend.

Upon stepping upon the property, a gloom was felt among his allies. His eyes looked to Reka, whom held the body of the fallen Yujiro. It was a moment before Aaron took it in. His fallen friend in her arms. "When did it happen, Reka?" He said, monotone. Attempting to conceal the hurt in his voice. He slowly walked to Reka, extending his arms to take the fallen in order to give her rest. "The cemetary is not too far away from the temple." He said, taking Yujiro's body from Reka. "Follow me..." He said making his way down an old trail, grown up with flowers and weeds. An obvious sign that it had not been walked in a very long time.

Aaron stood, looking over the burial grounds carefully. Upon the arch of the entrance, long paper tags blessed with the peace of higher powers hung, providing a feeling of acceptance for any who may enter or be buried. Aaron laid the body down, walking over to an empty place that was under a single tree that casted shade upon the soft ground. Aaron looked to the stone pile that had a single rusted shovel leaned against it. He pushed the blade into the dirt, scooping up the earth and piling it on the side of the new grave to be dug. The tears in Aaron's eyes fell upon each scoop, moistening it just a bit befor ebeing tossed aside.

It had been some time since this trail had been traveled, the disgruntled pathway which once held ground to polished stone, trimmed weeds and aligning the edge of the walk-path was richly groomed grass edge, though to its present time, and with the given current events it was a matter of nature treating it with it's own appreciation of overgrowth. It had seemed only yesterday that had returned to the temple, a matter of months had passed since they last left in their attempts to gather more soldiers for their cause, Rook didn't take the time to enjoy the pleasantries of the nature build up that had taken the path, he had kept his gaze before him, following behind his leader with meaning, knowing they had much more on their plate than originally leaving. The pleasantry of the trip had not been a pleasing one, after their departure from Sho-Mecca, they had found themselves in a spot of bother with the returning trip. After having a few close calls with that of the Shogun's bounty hunters were hot on their trail it took all of it could to avoid them at all costs and to prevent further suspicion to their returning trip.

After traversing through the city of Sho-Mecca, they managed to find unbeaten paths East, crossing into the border of Fukitara within the early peaks of the morning hours and moved towards the temple with each passing step. The trip itself was that of a long hoof, traveling by foot against the commonly traveled airships caused for a ruling journey, but the safest of all options, understanding where an airship would draw unwanted attention. Aaron had somehow managed to retain his composure, though that was nothing new and unexpected, the leader had always managed to maintain his wits despite the situation the Seven found themselves, someone had to be the rock to the chaos that was flying around the lands. The conversation that had previously been held seemed to be a memory from hours ago, Rook had not spoken a word to keep the focus on their journey and making it back to the temple within one piece, this silence was shortly broken as Aaron spoke aloud, bringing it to Rooks attention that the sight held before them was the pathway leading to the Sinister Seven temple.

Aaron pointed upward, looking to the horizon, just breaching the treetops, the top of the temple was indeed visible to the naked eye. Rook's optics would scope inside his helmet and get a clearer image of the temple, after a few momentary scans it would indeed give readouts of the temple that he called home, this seemed to put a small spring in Rook's steps. Rook replied with Aarons statement in the form of a small nod as they moved forward before stopping midway of their path, Aaron had stopped, seemingly out of his focus...something was off. Rook turned to his leader, speaking the word that first came to mind. "Aaron?" Rook would simply ask, implying that he held worry for how his leader was portraying his actions. Aaron simply stated that there was something wrong, something putting him off his focus, they rushed forward to discover the sight of a distant friend, Reka Salko. Rook moved forward with Aaron as they came to their ally, to whom seemed to holding a body of sorts, upon closer inspection it was the body of Sinister Seven member Yujiro. He appeared to have suffered an extreme injury, the majority of his body was covered in harsh burns, scabbed over with darkened skin, rashing over his skin to give a char-coaled look, Rook understood the conclusion being an accident or incidental fire had taken him.

Rook did not detect a life-force coming from Yujiro, the man's soul had left him. Rook understood the concept of death, it had been a large portion of his life, though held no understanding of how it was cherished. Aaron moved forward whilst speaking to Reka before taking the body of Yujiro into his own arms and carrying him quickly down the path, it had not been far from where the Sinister Seven's cemetery had rested. Rook turned to Reka as they walked passed, whom was still down to the ground, appearing to be praying for their fallen member. Rook spoke aloud as he passed, lifting her from the ground gently. "Yujiro" Rook said, releasing his friend as he moved forward to catch up with Aaron.

Moments later they would arrive to the site that held the graves of the fallen members of the Seven. Many bodies were at rest here, many that aged from years prior. Many of the names Rook did not remember, many of which he knew quite well, though it was of little worry at this particular moment, they were soon to add another name to the growing list. Aaron had moved below the shade of the single cherry blossom that had rested to it's center of the cemetery to where a spade had rested, Aaron took hold of it and began digging within a vacant area of the ground. Rook did not move, he held his stance by the enterance, allowing a moment and reading the emotions of his leader that this was not a moment to interfere with his words..he would hold respect for what humans would call their "mourning".

The wind took hold and blew the shade of the tree through the ground, whipping the blossoms upon the ground through the air as Aaron continued to dig, Rook pulled from his sheathe his blade and placed it into the ground, remaining motionless thereafter as Reka made her way into the cemetery behind them.

Here we go again., Nuk thought to himself. Running. These men of "Justice" on my heels again. Nuk leaned his arm against the tree, pushing his body weight onto his arm and onto the tree. He looked down at the dirt beneath his feet, the soil that was littered with small strands of thin grass. Peaceful moments like these... they are what I long for the most. Ones where I can observe nature at its fullest. Yet it never lasts. Never has. I wonder if it ever will.

He turned around, looking at his beautiful surroundings. The cherry blossoms, the high bushes, the oak trees that encaptured all, a beautiful natural blend of green, pink and brown all around. It put him at ease, it was life that he could appreciate. Life that would not cease to exist, the life he wanted.

We don't choose our lives though I suppose. Though I wonder sometimes what drives me to do it. I've grown, I've lost so much these years, yet I continue to run. Nuk walked forward slowly basking in the grace of nature. That is life I suppose. We are soldiers. We fight on through trials and times of great conflict. We complete our missions, we follow the orders given to us by fate and by destiny, without question for questioning only prolongs the inevitable. Though I cannot dwell on such things.

Nuk turned around to see Reka exchanging the body of Yujiro, a fallen teammate, with Aaron, the team leader. His face remained still. He simply sat down in the grass, his legs crossed before him. Then you always realize that there is always something to fight for. Family. Like soil and water to a tree they are there to help you grow and make you stronger. To support you as long as they can, but all in all everything will be at peace eventually, to be at one again with nature. Oh how I long for peace...

Nuk laid his body in the grass and looked at the sky above, admiring nature as he could. I am happy that you have found your peace Yujiro...

Gamer Master
At the quiet breeze that passed was only accompanied by sorrow, not words. A dear friend of the Seven, one of their own had left the world of the living. A dearest member whom will be remember, and his departure was a heavy burden to those that held him close as a friend. As the remaining Seven entered the ceremonial burial grounds to bury the recently deceased body of Yujiro. The Gods would look down upon the fallen warrior with much respect, falling to death in attempts to spend the last moments of his life with those that he called friends, even family.

Aaron Havoc was the first to take hold of the shovel, showing a sign of respect, the man of his rank and caliber to dig the hole. Rook had taken the moment to find materials of a makeshift gravemarker, Reka whom had been praying during the duration of this burial, Yujiro's katana held firmly within her hands. An unknown man that accompanied Reka during her returning journey was standing before the enterance of the burial grounds, his presence momentarily unknown to the Seven as they began their mourning. Nuk, a standing member of the Sinister Seven had taken his rest, laying within the lush grass that had overgrown in the burial grounds.

The process was not a long one, the Seven placing the body of the recently fallen member within the ground as Aaron covered it back with dirt. The gathering Seven stood over the grave after Aaron had tossed the shovel to the side, disposing of it and wiping his hands clean of the dirt and grime that had accumulated during digging through the trudge. Reka would be expected to say a small prayer during the fallen, one that was passed from her heritage down to present day.

When the ceremony finishes, a bigger question will fall upon the seven during this harsh time. The decision of their next action. The Shogun had taken a step further than expected, a public execution, resulting in two deaths in the same day, a grief that could be too hard to bare for some. At the closing hours of the day, a harsh wind began to find itself over the temple, hovering clouds of ill intent drew over and a storm was threatening to fall upon them.

Much was at stake, and it was up to Aaron to find a path for his family, and guide them through the doom that the Shogunate Regime currently was plotting to bring upon them.

Careful planning, is highly advised for our heroes.


Reka having both her hands wrapped tightly around Yujiro's kanata, would look down at the burial site that lied his body underneath. She couldn't believe he was gone, it was just this morning that they were together and well at a tea house on the side of the road nearby. Though she didn't know Yujiro well, Reka still felt great sympathy towards her comrade, and the past few days really drew them closer together as friends. As the storm above them rumbled and shook the grounds it would make it's way closer to them. It wasn't much longer before the sky would begin to cry over Yujiro's death. Looking up towards the gloomy clouds that hid the rising sun, she'd begin to feel the little cold drops fall and hit the tip of her nose while streaming down her cheeks. From afar it would look as if she were crying. What hurt Reka the most was not being able to save him. She felt so weak compared to the others. Holding her left hand out she'd let the raindrops fill the center of her palm before closing her hand letting the water slip out her fingertips. Looking back down at the grave she'd walk closer. Leaning herself down she'd rest her knees against the wet grass before placing his sword against the sycamore maple tree that over looked his grave. On the side of the tree grew a white Gladiola flower. Reka couldn't help but to admire how lovely it was and how peace this place really was. She was happy at least he'd have a peaceful resting spot. Once again Reka would place both her hands together while closing her eye as she whispered a pray for her dear friend. "Kare wa kowagatte, mi junbi no kurayaminonakade ushinawa reta. Kare wa ikinokoru koto ga dekimasu. "She'd say before standing back up walking over towards her teammates who stood along the path that leads back to the temple. She'd slightly smile towards the man who was kind enough to stop and try to assist them. She knew not many people around here would be so kind. "Thank you" She'd say towards the man who stood before them before asking if he'd had a place to stay for the night. She knew it wasn't much longer before this storm was ready to come down and there was no way that she'd let this man walk in the rain. Though he didn't know much Engless she was hoping he'd understand her. She'd lower herself slightly bowing towards the man before quickly making her way on the sides of both Aaron and Rook.


A truly dismal day, how could he end up in such a depressing scene? A death before him of a man he only wanted to help even though it was not in his power to do so. The young master does not take the passing well, he feels guilty for not being present in the time before his last breath. The two other individuals that came running toward the scene made him feel intimidated despite his training thinking at first might have been an attack on the two but no weapons were drawn so it was clear where their allegiance was. Watching the three carry the corpse of their fallen comrade made him feel like he should not be there that it was not his place to stand among them. However it was his respect of others around him that made him follow behind the 4 strangers. As any student and person with honor would know well to respect the dead, he respects that even though it is not his place, wishes the best for the fallen one.

He keeps his distance since the ceremony is not his place to be, he would only watch them bury the man. The sorrow of the day began to really show when the sky began to darken from the cloud cover, then not soon after a droplet of water would descend onto his scalp feeling it strike against his head then others falling behind them as the sun turned to rain. He looked upon the three only watching, observing what emotions they would display, what did this man mean to them, another arm in combat or a true brother in arms? Li Ming would ask himself in his mind, "What was it that brought him to such a fate?" he pondered on that subject only coming to the conclusion that a peaceful life in Japah escaping his home to leave his behind him past was a bad idea, trading his past of emotional wounds that fester for a future of hardship and chaos.

The words he heard from the woman snapped him out of his wandering thought. They were foreign to him but were familiar because of his travels in his new homeland. He only assumed it was a goodbye or some sort of positive wish. He would only bow his head down slightly looking at the ground beneath his feet as the sky's tears fell from the heavens soaking into the earth. From his peripheral vision he sees the woman stand walking back over to her friends, he notices her smile and acknowledges her thanks to him. He would hold his right hand in front of him covering the opened fist with his left as he would bow to her to show his sympathy for her friend. The words he spoke were, "Jie ai shunbian," for he did not know how to say, 'my condolences,' in the Pantheon tongue. He would repeat himself trying to make sure she understood him, "I am sorry for friend."

He would only hope the best for them, after what has transpired. He would only stay to attempt ask for directions to his destination of the Tri Mecca. It was easier for him to ask since he could better understand the Pantheon language and since the woman knew it would help him along his travels. Out of respect he would wait until the burial of the man was over. 'Honor the dead.'

Despite the death of Yujiro weighing heavily on his heart, Aaron stood in front of the temple for quite sometime, silent, contemplating. He was weighing his options. Everything that had happened so soon was truly a blunder in his mind. "How could I have prevented this?" "Where did I fail?" Were the thoughts that were running through his brain.

"Aaron..." A raspy voice said, the source freeing it's self from it's glass prison. "You are a failure of a leader.... A true let down for those that follow you. You are nothing. Nor will you ever be..." Sebastian said, flicking the black saliva upon his face as he spoke.

Sebastian's words got to Aaron. It was obvious that Sebastian was whispering nothing but negativity into his ear. Aaron's tears still fresh, he turned to Sebastian, brows arched. He snarled at Sebastian replying only one word that echoed upon the land of Sakura. "Enough!"

Sebastian's eyes grew wide just before they narrowed with anger. "You do not command me, human! I am the one that brought you back into this disgusting world of yours! You owe me with your life! Do not ever forget your place with me again!" Sebastian said, looming over Aaron, attempting to intimidate him.

Aaron's forhead throbbed with anger as his pale skin tinted red. There was only one response. Aaron took in a deep breath and allowed saliva to fill his mouth. He spat upon the Twilight Runner's face, showing absolute disrespect.

Wiping the saliva off of his face with his clawed hand, Sebastian lurched forward, grabbing Aaron by the jaw, lifting him off of the ground.

Before Sebastian grabbed Aaron by the jaw, he inhaled deeply, filling his lungs almost to the max with air. A sudden burst of flame escaped from pursed lips, destroying Sebastian's hand and releasing Aaron. Feet first, Aaron landed, his right hand filling with fire that almost instantly ignited. Aaron roared with anger as he spoke. "You vile piece of garbage. Don't you touch me." Sebastian had one eye narrowed, one wide, staring at Aaron.

"I've never seen a human that did not fear a Twilight runner. You are truly a rarity..." He said, glaring at him as his hand had reconfigured.

Rook had not moved during the process of the burial, while the others around them had understood entirely what had happened to their friend. Rook understood the concept of death, though the impact of it to that of a human was beyond his understanding, though he knew it carried a significant amount of pain. The major sign of this to Rook was the tears that Reka had shed during this process, though with the oncoming rain, it was unknown which was the culprit of the wetness to her eyes. Rook brought his attention away from the burial site of Yujiro for a moment to bring his head upwards and gaze into the sky. A grey blanket of grim seemed to have been pulled over the lands, beyond the threats of rain, moving towards a dominant storm that would seem to last throughout the evening. Rook did not see the grayness of the storm, rather that of a light red hue was read back to his mind, the optics not allowing for particular color signification. After staring for a moment, Rook brought his attention back down as Reka moved to the side and began speaking with a man that Rook had not originally noticed, someone knew, a face that he did not know from his memories, though from the unhostile body language he did not appear to be a threat to the group, though intentions or not so easily read, Rook would remember to keep such tabs on the stranger before making a further assessment.

Rook then turned once more, seeing a dear friend had made their way along with the burial as well, Nuk, another standing member of the Sinister Seven. Rook casually moved from his standing position over to his dear friend, offering a hand downward to pull him from his resting position. After pulling the man upward Rook gave a simple nod, signifying that they would need to get inside before the rain were to drop over them. Rook turned about to spot something that set him into a programmed stance. Aaron had appeared to be in distress, something that Rook would readily defend in dire need. Rooks thumb hovered over the hilt guard of his katana, cracking it from it's sheath while moving forward. From the looks of it, the dispute had taken place near the corner, and could go unnoticed from the others, in respect of the funeral service. Rook did not understand the distress, though he if needing to guess, it was the strange being that had been attached to Aaron since finding their way out of New-Mecca, vile being, Rook had a distrust continuously growing. Rook pushed the blade back into his sheathe as Aaron seemed to have control over the situation. Rook moved forward and caught up with Reka and the stranger to whom he had not met as of yet. Without speaking, he passed up the two and moved upward into the winding porch like build of the temple and got under shelter as he was making his way into the center of the Temple, to which stood the war-room. Rook understood that much was going to need to be discussed, and he would begin to set up the room with chairs that the members would need.

As he moved under the shelter, the rain began to fall, the loud cracks of rain hitting the molded shingles of the temple made an almost relaxing sound for those attempting to get some sleep, it always proved useful for Aaron, Rook had noticed. Rook thought to himself that Guya was indeed mourned by the falling of Yujiro as well, the Gods would show their respect, as Rook would strive to not make his death in vein.

The clouds cast shadows over the world beneath. The sky was taken by force with hues of grey and blue as the clouds and shadows overtook the atmosphere. Nuk opened his eyes once more.

Overcast he thought to himself. . Weather for sorrow. This is indoor weather, resting weather. He continued to sit for a few more seconds before the droplets of water casted down upon his light tan skin. As they did he once again opened his eyes. Rook, the robotic companion of the clan stood before him, hand extended. He grabbed his hand and allowed for himself to be pulled up from his resting position.

Nuk returned the nod given to him by Rook, knowing exactly what he meant. He gradually made his way toward the temple, only looking back toward Aaron who seemed to be in some form of peril. A man is made to fight his demons alone. He continued on trekking through the grass as the precipitation level gradually increased.

Emotions filtered the air as the rain poured from the weeping clouds. Nuk stood under the shelter, his face motionless as he listened to the pitter-pattering up against the roof. The drums they play on and on through the coming storm. The Band of War,they play to remind you that no matter where you go they are there, there waiting for me... waiting for us in the dark waiting to signal the drum of war. Memoirs of the past however, the future is all that matters now.

Nuk nodded to the sky above then pivoted on his heel, performing an about-face. He followed Rook into the War room to assist in setting up the chairs for the rest of the clan.

Casually walking up the steps of the temple porch, Reka would slowly make her way to the war-room to see what their next movements were. She had a gut feeling that something immense was about to happen. Turning her head back slightly she'd look towards the strange man who had accompanied them from the burial site to the Sinister seven temple. Reka smiled warmly towards him as she'd wave her hand trying to tell him to follow her behind knowing he didn't speak very well engless. She knew that the God's brought him here for a reason and hopefully it was to aid them in their journey to come. As she entered the room she'd walk over towards the round table that sat perfectly in the middle of the room with the world map. It would mark all the places they've been and the ones they were going to head to next. Placing her right hand on the edge of the table she'd look towards Aaron waiting for his commands.

The service was over for now, and the look of grief came across the other individual faces that stood before Li Ming, even he felt the anguish of loss since a life had disappeared. The feeling of another looking upon him had struck him, before breaking contact with the woman he noticed the Metal made individual looking at him. Li Ming became a bit nervous, since he could not exactly tell what he was processing inside its head. Though the expression of the metal man's face was not entirely clear he could tell that he had painful emotion surging inside him from the loss of his friend, Li hopes that the metal man knows that he had nothing to do with the mans death. He would bow his head regaining his composure to make sure the metal man knows that he is no threat and means no harm to them. The rain fell harder onto the various surfaces on and around them, the water droplets struck against Li gently as they fell from the sky. Trying to break eye contact with the face of the metal man he looks at the one he seizes the attention of. He would then see them begin to journey inside the shelter of the nearby building. Noticing the woman give a gesture at Li to follow, he would bow his head slightly at her and follow behind them into shelter. Only by a small margin would his attention wander toward the fourth individual of this seemingly motley crew, the emotions brewing in this situation must be getting to him so he avoids whatever conflict that toils around him.

Sebastian's rage subsided as he thought about the current situation. If he were to attack Aaron, the 7 would immediately step in and outnumber him, rendering him unable to do much against Aaron. Sebastian scoffed and turned his back to Aaron, making his way to the forrest to reevaluate his plan.

Aaron watched the Twilight Runner as he walked away, narrowing his eyes before turning to the temple once more. He paused, thinking about what to say to his team. This was the mark of a new era. An era of war.

Pushing the door open, he looked inside to see most of the 7 gathered around the table. Before taking his place at the head of the table, he grabbed a scroll off of the shelf with four black stoned. He placed it on the table and place a stone for each corner. It was a map of Japah. Aaron looked to his team before saying anything. His finger hovered over New Mecca for a moment then he made contact.

"This is where we will go. There are a multitude of fighters in New Mecca. Due to recent circumstances, we have to bolster our numbers tremendously. The Shoguns have had reign over the land of Japah long enough. This is the time of rebellion. This is the time of freedom. This is the time of war. One by one, the Shoguns will perish by our blades, bows, and fists. We will win, we will overcome. Fukitsuna will topple the tyranny." Before he continued, he once more let his gaze move to each one of the eyes of every member. The ntensity of his determination burned in his eyes to where it could not be mistaken for anything else. "We leave before the sun rises. Prepare all that you can. Before we make preperations, does anyone have anythign they want to add?"

Rook had patiently took his rest within the war's council room until the push of the door brought in member by member, before long that the seven that had remained by sheer dedication or by staying alive this long, either or, the numbers they had available, tired or poor, will have to do. It seemed as though only a few moments before the entirety of the members entered the chambers, though the shambles of the doors sprang Aaron, who despite the burial of a friend only moments ago, seemed even more focused than that of burying the body. He seemed to be moving with motive, as though on a mission and with something to say to those that rallied around him. Rook was the first to move to the table as Aaron began to retrieve something from the wall, Rook would know the wall, it was the cartographers collection of ancient maps, ranging from early years of Japah, long before those that stood int his very room were living beings to travel said lands, it was only a matter of mystery what were to be retained in the ancient scrolls, something Rook never had the time, nor interest to discover, he always seemed to be busy with something particular, or lack of interests on account of events of the Seven always surrounding life threatening situations.

After a moment of silence, those that gathered around the table took a seat to get a closer examination, Rook remained standing, ever ready as ever, he understood what was coming despite anything being aforementioned. Rook understood what was to come was not a simple statement, nor a declaration of loss...this was an announcement of war. Certainly Aaron held even more hatred to the Shogun's Regime after handling the lifeless body of the recently fallen Yujiro. During Rook's 'thoughts' Aaron rolled upon the table an ancient looking scroll, the appearance of the paper of which it was painted in fine detail was weathered and aged something fierce. Rook moved a tad closer, getting a better look over the table to get a better angle upon the map, watching as Aaron studied the map for a moment before pressing his finger to a very notable province within Japah..New-Mecca, the haven of the Meccians and the standing bordering line of the Shogunite Regime Extremists. Rook had a many journey there, to the point of holding position within the city. After hearing the reasoning behind Aaron's plan to travel to New-Mecca, it was understood what his goal of this journey would hold, they needed to replenish their numbers, a body for every sword. Rook did not hesitate to the finish of Aaron's speech, he turned about and began moving towards the door, his katana's hilt that his hand firmly gripped while moving down the hall, he understood the mission, and the time was of essence.

Rook turned while he awaited the others to finish their discussion, Rook was doubtful that any would question the motives of the now furious Aaron, nor hold an idea of where they would travel that would contain the diversity that New-Mecca held, it would only be a matter of time before they would begin the march to their destination.

Nuk sat patiently in the seat. His face did not move, his body did not move; he was still. His eyes only wandered as the first individual walked into the room. His eyes wandered, yet his expression did not change. It did not change when everyone seated. It did not change as Aaron spoke, or when they made eye contact with one another.
In his own eyes he held a look of indifference. There was no spark of revenge, there was no fire of rage. He was not inspired with hate from Yujiro's death, he was not out for revenge. So when the moment came that Aaron asked if anyone had anything to add, Nuk peered up and looked him dead in the eyes.
His face was solemn and still. His gaze cold and tough as a stone. It was not a look of refusal or defiance. It was a look of subjected indifference. His mind was at ease and elsewhere. Such could be told from his eyes that in killing the shoguns he was hesitant.
'Revenge,' he thought. 'Only enables an ongoing cycle. The neverending cycle of revenge: Never is there a just point or a time where opponents are at an all time equal, such concepts are null and void. Saddening, however, that such is the way things are. That in the lives we lead, it is kill or be killed, that there is no hiding and self defense is an inevitable path to eventual death. Therefore the slaughter continues. Proceeding to senseless immoral violence before thinking to let go of what we think matters, and look for truth. Therefore, reluctantly I must see through with this reckless pattern, this suicidal endeavor. THat I must yet again lift my sword in vain and draw the blood of soldiers; men following orders. I Nuk Jun Young, follow you into the darkness with my paintbrush. THat I spew a coat of red across this canvas and broaden the darkness beyond the horizon. Where I am to think, what is it that I am to lose. I am a man who has already lost.'
Nuk bowed his head as he usually would. He knew that his hesitation on this subject was clear, but as of now it was of no importance. They had to proceed, they had to kill.
Standing up from the table, he nodded his head a few more times again as he made off to grab his favored equipment. The man who did not speak, had absolutely nothing to say.

"Shut up, shut up, shut UP! I know what I'm doing Bobot!" Nerina screamed slamming her fists against her work table. Frustratedly, she picked up the first item her hand touched, which happened to be a fancy-looking wrench and flung it across the room at the person she was screaming at. Only there wasn't a person there. In fact, there was nobody there at all. Nerina was all by her lonesome coated in anger and sweat induced by working under the pressure of people that were not actually there with her. She was surrounded by robotic parts, various sorts of metals and blades without their hilts, and room surroundings like paintings and her bed. Though there was nobody there.

"Ow," cried a monotone voice from across the room as the item was thrown. The voice was cold and metallic; emotionless.

"That'll teach you.." she whispered sinisterly to herself as she returned to the task at hand. Before her laid a robotic arm of old make. She had been retrofitting it with blades around the forearm area as a job for someone.

"Impractical. The design is Impractical." the voice cried out again from the corner of the room.

"There is nothing impractical when it comes to robots Bobot! Nothing!"

"Except for your design. The Design is Impractical"

"And you're not?"

She turned around and glared across the room at her metallic tool sack that sat on the ground with a wrench beside it. It seemed that the metallic bag was the source of the robotic monotone voice.

"There is not a day I don't regret living as a talking toolbox, Nerina." the toolbox called bobot responded.

"You shouldn't you're helpful." she reassured him, though to no avail, as Bobot was forever depressed with his impracticality as a robot toolbox.


Nerina continued working for hours more at a time with her toolbox criticizing her work every chance that he could. In which resulted in her stopping every now and then for a time to battle with her demonic toolbox. A battle that she won every time by simply kicking him over.

When she finally finished she firmly attached the arm to a large robotic body shell that stood 7 feet tall in the center of her work shed. She admired the retrofitted robotic shell and nearly teared up at its beauty while her toolbox companion let out a monotonic grunt of disapproval.

Though her satisfaction in her work was soon cut short when suddenly her door sounded with a large "THUD!" Nerina jumped out of her skin as if it were the grim reaper himself waiting for their tea date. The spirit took her, she had forgotten how to stand and took a tumble onto the robotic shell that stood behind her.

"Thank you, kind sir," she said with a giggle as the shell broke her fall. She then approached the door with caution, not even gracing it with an answer. She slid the slit at the door revealing her special little peephole to see who it was that disturbed her peace. A tall, thin black coated robot stood on the other side. By the looks of it this robot was no civilian bot but one made with assassination and combat intent.

"Jujubyte," the robot spoke from the other side, "The time of reckoning is coming. You owe the Brigade."

"The Brigade!? What the hell is that?! Is there a war?!"

"We are the brigade and you know what you owe us human. The stone, retrieve it and bring it to Rono Rono, this is your last warning."

With that the combat bot left, leaving behind a mysterious black box outside of her door. She wouldn't see it because she rarely left the shed during the day. What followed afterward was silence. She knew who the brigade were even if nobody else did. It was only a code name for a cult of high standing individuals in New Mecca, the foundation of the underground, though nobody knew that yet. People just knew that if they ever heard that the brigade was after them, it was serious.

Game Master

There was a subtle silence among the crowd within the chambers, the War Chambers it was commonly dubbed, as many of their discussions within this room was on the brink of conflict and unease. Many of the members, or those that were gracious enough to be allowed to enter would always feel the unsettling vibe the room gave off in pulses. Each word that was spoken within that room seemed to contain the weight of tons upon listening ears and the fires that burned within the corners were never extinguished, flickering lights as adorned by the dragon-ques statues they stood, ceramic bowling keeping the flame from scattering and ash that would fall to its base. It was here that Aaron Havoc, the leader of the Sinister Seven would rally those that have stood by his side, the urgency within his voice was apparent, though the drive was ten-fold within his eyes, and he would know his allies felt the same passion that was burning as well.

After a lengthy discussion among them all, a debate thrown over the table as though a verbal battleground, the resolution came to only one outcome, pre-mediated tactics. The shogunate regime would not be expecting a frontal assault immediately out the gate with conflicts only just arising, they would think the S7's forces to be too feeble and underwhelmed, they were correct. The Seven would find themselves on yet another path that led to disruption and issues, the lack of soldiers, the lack of resources, or for better words, lack of an army that would be required to even dent the Shogunate Regime to take notice. Their mission of revenge, justice and fortitude of the Japah people would have to be placed on hold, to the dismay of Aaron.

Along with the discussion came the layout of the plan that would be brought forth. Aaron was the first to apply sense to the issue. All else, they would be maintained better by foot, with the travel of airship their exposure would be well noticeable by those that might be having a particular knack for their necks, for no doubt the Shogunate have placed a bounty to save the trouble of dispatching them themselves. So Airship was out of the question, they would have to hoof to the closest relationship of states they had to their disposal, and their best bet would rest within the confines, in a massive region known as New-Mecca. New-Mecca (The West of the Tri-Mecca Area) was a bordering construct between the Shogunate Extremists (North of New-Mecca) and the Shogunate Objectors (Tri-Mecca residents). With the force of the Tri-Meccas by their side, it would provide enough time for the Seven to properly strategist without the worries of the Shoguns upon their backs of the entirety. Though this came with yet another issue that the Seven must face.

Proving alliance with the power-hold over New-Mecca would be difficult for the Seven, as New-Mecca is not governed by any Government power, rather than of an Independent Society, that of a Clan, a one Clan Mecco. The Mecco Clan was a strange sort, though grew into massive power, land wise. The Mecco clan started as all meccas do within the region of Japah, duty bound and provided stones to power their shells. After years of labor and bidding of the Shogunate Regime, the meccas established a fortress, provided land and shelter for those that would go against the Shoguns and live in a society of individuals with purpose. Thus the birth of the Tri-Mecca was established, with the population stretching and a promise lands for all Meccas and Humans alike. The Mecco Clan, would test the worth of the Seven, before risking their creation.

Traveling by foot was a rugged method, while safer, it was not decided upon.
Thankfully for the Seven, and the only formatted structure of the Shoguns that would be a viable option of travel is the Common Rail.
The Common Rail was established within 1287 AW, as a massive transportation system to get travelers from area to area with relative high speeds, much like trains within the real world. This is a massive scale of mono-rails that have been stretched from miles upon miles, through each region and cities, not provided in minor cities, though within walking distance. Upon the monorail would hang a total of 32 carts, that of which could carry aprox. 20 passengers per boarding. The Seven could utilize this transport to make it to New-Mecca at a much faster rate.

Though with the provided speed of the travel, would come a greater risk. With it being a Shogun provided service, it would be teaming with Shogunate supporters, guards and possible bandits who would frequent the Common Rail for easy earnings and a quick score. The Seven would have to be careful during this travel. For there is not telling, what might become of their safe-travel.


Standing outside the rail smoke would pervade throughout the station leaving a lingering rugged smell. The conductors would be standing outside the rail checking the passenger's tickets before they'd allow anyone to a board. As the conductor yelled throughout the station he'd ask the crowd to get in a single file line, while telling them to keep their luggage and children close by. The station was a great place to get robbed and of course lost. It was a very confusing and unnerving place to be but it was the fastest way to travel in these parts. Reka moving up the line she'd turn her head back getting a glance at Li Ming and Aaron as they stood far back. She was sure that she was going to get separated from them. All she could think about was meeting up with them on the rail once everyone was aboard. As she made her way to the conductor she'd smile slightly before taking her ticket out from under her obi and handing it to him. He'd rip the ticket a bit and hand it back to her allowing her to get aboard. As she stepped up on the rail she'd look back again not able to see the group. She'd shake her head before walking inside taking a seat closest to the door. Looking out she'd notice everyone aboard and how strange some of the people look. Not all of the passengers were humans it seemed nor friendly from the looks of it.


Probably one of the newest benchmarks in his life, he was somewhat excited about finally traveling by rail for the first time. He is like a kid during their favorite holiday, full of excitement and anxious for the event ahead. The only thing he is not very happy about is the large amount of people running around bumping into each other and showing others either seemingly insincere apology or verbal hostility. The amount of steel and machinery that he is seeing for the first time is amazing, it is almost overwhelming. The sights and smells were odd in every way, actually approaching and immersing himself within these buildings known as stations was so new and so exhilarating to him. He hears the loud whistle of one of the departing trains heading to the southern islands of Japah his head turns to watch the massive land based vessel pulling a huge line of carriages along the rails behind it. A smile from ear to ear beams on his face, he feels that this will be something that will be nice to tell everyone when he returns to Hojo when he becomes a grand master. Like a tourist he just looks around to gather everything he can until his eye catches the woman that was traveling with him, as soon as she glances at him the fun was quickly contained and he becomes fully aware at the task at hand and snaps to. Luckily he is able to travel to his original destination with haste, ever since he met this motley crew of people out in the woods it seemed like everything was going wrong but at the same time benefiting him in many ways since they seemed so kind enough to help him get to the Tri-Mecca. He does not however know what he is expecting with the future ahead. He predicts that life in the mega city would be easier, it would in fact be the opposite if he ever asked someone that has been to the Tri-Mecca. The long line of people boarding the railcar moves up one step at a time, each individual’s bags were searched. When Li Ming ends up toward the ticket check he hands the man checking tickets his own ticket but the man continues to hold it in his hand looking at Li impatiently. Li would just wait there oblivious, just looking around trying to understand why he won’t get his ticket back. People behind them started to groan becoming fed up with Li, one man in the line yells out to tell the ticket check to hurry up. Then the conductor points to the bag signalling to him that he needs it. Li with hesitation would give the bag to him for searching. The man would search the bag making sure nothing illegal would be brought on board. He gives Li the bag and signals him to go on board returning the ticket to Li as it is ripped and registered. He follows behind heading onto the rail car, so he steps up and onto the rail car Reka is in since she is the only one that truly understands his speech so communication on such a journey would be a good idea. If he is lucky he can ask who they are and what happened to the man that passed, on recently. He takes his seat closest to the aisle, looking around at the odd looking people around him. He is having second thoughts on heading to the city with these strangers, one weird looking passenger looks over at Li with a mean glare in his one good eye. Li holding his bag tightly in his arm he leans back almost disgusted looking back at the odd looking I thought this one would work, but I still use homoerotic slang-eyed individual inspecting them awkwardly to try and get them to stop staring at Li. Li is already regretting this trip, he just wants to get it over with now.

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Re: Chapter One: Fallen

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"A fuckin' line? No thanks." Aaron said as he observed the boarding procedures of the railway. Aaron stood still, watching Reka and Lei board. A smirk curled on his face as he had a rather outrageous idea. His inability to follow rules would be very obvious today as Aaron swiftly climbed up a pole that lead to the overhang of the station. Once his feet were firmly planted on the roof, he noted the distance from the over hang to the train. After close calculation, he gave up and took a gamble. He backed up about twenty paces and sprinted. He leapt through the air and landed with a thud on the roof of the train. Seeing an emergency exit latch on the roof, he noted that this would be above Reka. He slipped out his Wakizashi and pried open the latch, breaking the lock. He slipped himself through, landing next to Reka's seat. He quickly sat down trying to avoid any extra attention from the railworkers. He looked to Reka, placing a finger over his lips suggesting her to remain silent to avoid being caught. The train would begin it's departure, leaving the station behind in a plume of smoke. Aaron looked around at those that were on the train. His thoughts began to drift to what the seven were to face. "There's no way that these rugged passengers are friendly. I suppose if things end up getting heated, we'll have some training. Heh. Train. Training." Aaron smiled due to the pun he made. He reached into a bag that he had hanging on his waist to slide out a piece of bread. His appetite was his biggest downfall. He began eating the bread, tearing off a rather large piece to hand to Reka, assuming she was hungry as well.

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