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Omega And Spark - Augmented Reality

on Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:40 pm


Re: Omega And Spark - Augmented Reality

on Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:08 pm
Countless greedy hands, flowing through the Massive airship like pigs in their stalls. Why was Omega here? Well the story shall be interesting and quite long. His days started when he was created as the Chenzhao's first mobile robot, and freelancer. The programming was set so he could gather intelligence and come back to them so that War could be prevented. However during this time Omega had found himself slowly becoming more adapted to the world around him. The human race, it was what he wanted, and what he wanted to be apart of. The robotic hands, talon-ed at the ends for defense never would cut a single human or robot. Omega had his body modified to get the programming removed, the single protocol to have him return. Removed in a location in Japah, called Tidell. A simple man helped him become a free body to do as he wished. The war carried on however and he was killed with Omega being torn apart and beaten. The Voice Module he had, failed to be salvageable. His body broken, and his age finally showing in the worn parts.

Omega needed change, and to have it, he had to rebuild himself slowly. He was able to cover his broken body with a brown cloak, taking days to replace small wires. At this point his mind had figured a way to modify a stereo, a communication device into a voice re-collector. This was Spark, the tiny neurotic robot. He had to break a piece of the soul stone to power him, but when he did something strange happened. The stone itself corrupt, and sent this being into a frenzy. And now, here they are, together with Spark only trusting Omega.

How they got onto Orion was strangely easier than it would appear. most had to get passes or anything involving limited access. However when they saw Omega come up, they did an environmental scan on his system and immediately let them in, this resulted in him joining the Airship, free of charge. Spark and him have been there since, roughly a year on top of this massive airship for all the addicts, gamblers, and whores all wrapped together.

Omega was still walking, in a daze, remembering and reading through all the lines of code that made up his entire construct. What was he to do here, and also where was he to go. He did jobs for the airship, so that is probably be where he will have to go. However this daze would most likely be broken by the loud and obnoxious call of Spark, who couldn't get more than a hundred yard away from Omega before falling over unresponsive. But the moment he stepped toward him and reconfigured the distance he would be brought back up.
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