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Valentin Kolveki (WIP)

on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:05 pm

Name: Валентин любой (Valentin Kolveki)
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthdate: December 18th
Time of birth: 2:23 AM
Country of Origin: Kamigawa
Birthplace: Kamigawa
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: Unemployed (Odd jobs)
Language(s): Russian, English
Native tongue: Russian
Religion: Pagan
Culture: Pre-War kamigawa
Cultural Background: Every celebration is Major, Most Medieval,
Political affiliation: Kamigawa warlords
IQ: 121
Weapons/Offensive equipment:

Decorated Khukuri Knife Damascus Steel Ivory hilt.

Balanced lightweight Steel blades (throwing knives)

Items/Defensive equipment/Misc:  White bear pelts (clothing/armor).  Leather bandolier over around the torso.

Money/Amount of:

-Funds (On person): None

-Funds (In bank): None

Transportation: Horse and on foot and what ever vehicle he can charter.
Blood type: B-
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 156 LB
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Long Black, full black beard
Skin: White
Shoe size: 11
Figure/build: Medium frame, chiseled muscle tone
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Stylized list of the people he has killed
-Scars: Lash scars on the back, Stabs through his hands and feet  
-Clothing style: Kamigawan Frontiersman
Currently lives: N/A (currently)
Living Arrangements: N/A (currently)
Description of daily surroundings: Where ever he roams.
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, leather crafting
Talents/Skills: Acrobatics, blade handling,
Strengths: Manual dexterity typically in performing tricks (sleight of hand), High memory capacity, Stealth skills (knows how to blend in), Superior aim and perception
Weaknesses: Difficulty with combating individuals with firearms, Hates high temperate environments (has difficulty with coping and functioning with hot weather),  Highly antisocial, Minor Arthritis in right shoulder (bothers him over long periods of physical demand in that arm)
Love interest(s): None (currently)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Dominant Hand: Right ambidextrous
Diet: Meats, alot of water, alcohol on occasion
Virgin?: No
Drinker?: Yes
Smoker?: No
Drug user?: No
Pet peeves: Smart aleck remarks to past life, family, and lifestyle
Personality: Calm
Disposition: Easily annoyed
Likes: Women from Pantheon, People who are well known, Honest people
Dislikes: Liars, Aggressive individuals, The Pantheon Templars
Motivations: Seeing all the people in need and helping them to the best of his ability
Morals: Always help others in need
Fears/Phobias: Fear of War, Kamigawan Tigers
Favourite food: Salmon
Favourite drink: Various Whiskeys
Favourite color: Blue
Favorite quote: "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, blood for blood."
Favourite sport: Outdoor Sports
Other favourites: Favorite Weapon (Khukuri)
-Parents: Father: Viktor Kolveki (deceased) Mother: Taliya Kolveki (deceased
Friends: Yao Fei (companion, translator)
Enemies: None (currently)
Pet(s): Vydra (horse)
Official/Personal Training: His skills in the circus during his pre-adolescence through his adulthood and gave him skills as an acrobat and highly skilled with blades. Fishing and hunting over years of practice in survival. His companion taught him how to work with animal pelts. 
Early Childhood: Valentin Kolveki's childhood was most of the time was happy but had its rough moments  since his family were very nomadic seeing how his people could never settle into one place for too long due to the war's that happen in the lands.  Out of all the people that he could idolize was his father, his father was a very well known entertainer within the Kamigawan lands at the time, a land of bloodshed and tears brought to light and happiness with the way he entertains his crowds.  Even though Valentin looked up to his father there was not much they could do together because of how busy he was helping his family and friends and of course the circus. Friends were not really a available thing to him mainly due to the fact  he moved around a lot, even though there were a lot of people in the circus that did their acts the problem was that they were older and a child making great friends with someone of their age.  He did however enjoy watching the knife throwing in the circus when he did watch the shows.  One day he approached the performer that did the act with the knives and showed Valentin how to do it.  In about a year he nearly perfected his skill with a blade but continued his practice for about another year and he was ready to do
his act with the knives at the age of 12.

Adolescence: For three years in the circus he took over with the knife throwing, the reason for the original thrower being replaced was arthritis in his shoulder.    At age 16 he met Natasha Belinski joining the circus as an acrobat, she was about Valentin's age.   They were quick to love each other later working together on each act.  She taught him how to become an acrobat even though he continued his career with his original act.  They grew steady from show to show, eventually Valentin's father grew ill causing him to eventually take over for his father.   His illness was serious for his father, til it eventually took him.  It took Valentin about a year only being able to oversee the circus's business then eventually move on from his father's death and take over his legacy. It was in that time that Natasha was constantly there for Valentin never leaving his side,  despite the hardships they endured continuing their acts without flaw at the age of 18 Valentin proposed to Natasha and became husband and wife.

Adulthood: At the age of 20 both Natasha and Valentin decided to partner up with their act because Natasha's father was attending their special event and wanted to prove to her father that Valentin was the perfect man for her.   Trying to impress her father would not be an easy task for Valentin seeing how her father's life style morals and code were that of the templars.  Her father was a guardian of the pilgrims of pantheon traveling on a pilgrimage through Kamigawa to what they call their holy land within the regions of Hgypt.  Ivan Belinski the leader of the templar guardians was happy that his little girl was in a place where she was happy but had a hard time liking her lover because of what kind of person he was.   When Valentin and Natasha were partnering up originally he refused because he did not want to slip and put her in any danger so he was very nervous about his act.  Luckily Ivan gave him Valentin a chance since Valentin was very respectful towards his daughter.  Their show began at night somewhere near the pilgrim's path to Hgypt in Kamigawa, the acts were flawless as usual everyone attending cheering and were constantly on edge with every act that passed until eventually the act of knives came about.  To start his wife came out and was getting secured onto the board,  Ivan was very worried and was displeased at Valentin, as they began he did the first set of knives and it was executed perfectly.  Doing the second round with larger blades it as well as the first with no issue.  It was until the third he used his khukuri blades, he begins to do the third act the first blade was thrown and landed between her legs, throwing the second knife it lands near her left side much closer than wanted.  As he prepares to throw the third knife they began to spin the board and Valentin became nervous about the second knife and how close it was.  As he prepares his third throw in the third act, spinning the blade trying to maintain focus spinning the blade, he then winds up his throw and releases.  As the blade is cutting through the air in front of it to it's destination, Ivan Belinski was on on edge seeing what his daughter's lover is doing.  The knife strikes the board the crowd is in despair,  as the father is realizing what has happened he stands up in rage drawing his weapon pointing the blade at Valentin.   He order's his men to ready their weapons as Valentin realized what has transpired.  The code of the Khukuri blade is that it cannot be sheathed until it has drawn blood,  a contract that must always be followed. In shock Valentin approaches Natasha as a crimson liquid flows down from her lower torso.  Valentin felt so much guilt in what he has done to the love of his life. Natasha did everything she could to comfort him knowing that it was not his fault.  The last sentence that exits her mouth as she begins to fade,

"Do not worry,  I shall follow you always even if I have left this world.  You have fulfilled the pact of this blade, take it with you and fly."

As he is choked up speechless she repeats herself telling him to run,  as the templars began to storm down the bleachers as he takes the blade ripping it out of her torso blood splattering onto his face.  Sheathing the blade he sprints away as fast as the wind can take him.  Running out into the stables he mounts himself on to the saddle of his father's horse with all of Valentin's belongings.  Running from the southwest of the Kamigawan lands intentionally goings the southeast but with no sense of direction he ends up going north instead towards the warzones eventually outrunning the templars.  He sets up camp for the next few days.  Taking those few days,  does nothing but let out his grief with the knowledge that he was the one who murder the only woman he could love.  It was after those few days he had to move because he was running out of food and other needed resources. To his knowledge he knew he couldn't go back but knew he couldn't go in the direction he was moving due to the sounds of battle cry's in the distance.  He grabs his things then starts moving east.   Riding through the woods he runs across a pack of boars, all he has is his khukuri.  He approaches a boar in the pack of the pig then looks at Valentin,  then Valentin lunges forward with his blade drawn jumping off of his horse then stabs the boar repeatedly then thus realizing there are more ready to attack him, when they charge he does what he can to ward them off swinging his blade and yelling at them eventually slashing another one in the spine.  The third boar in fear then runs away into the woods squealing.  He looks at the carcass's on the ground then begins to  ball his eyes out.  Minutes later he regains composure and gets a fire going then begins to butcher the boars.  After the pork is cooked he eats what he can, throwing the rest into some pouches giving him a few weeks of provisions then continues moving.  At the age of 23 after a long period of  survival in the Kamigawan wilderness he approaches the border of Chen Zhao.  He stops at a mountain top seeing a group of people at a camp that they have set up and were preparing to leave,  he was not willing to move forward because he was afraid of approaching the Chen Zhao inhabitants.  Hesitant to move he sets up camp at the mountain top.  A few days go by the Chen Zhao people then leave, when the path was clear Valentin then presses on his current course finally intruding onto Chen Zhao land.  A year later he continues down the paths finally able to tread upon the roads through Chen Zhao he approaches a sign in Mandarin unable to read what is written upon it but continues forward.  He approaches a town before he enters he sees a man and a woman walking upon the path.  They wave at Valentin as they pass, he waves back nervously looking at them as they pass.  He approaches the entrance he is greet by many of its citizens.  He aimlessly wanders trying to find food,  until eventually he wanted to move on his own tying up his horse at the stables.  The stable master greets Valentin when he dismounts,  but Valentin could not understand the language in which it was said but the stable master then greets him again in English.  He then returns the greeting and asks for where he can find food for himself.  The stable master points the way and also gives him directions to all of the other shops that he can visit if it was ever needed.  He proceeds to a shop buying some meats that he can use on his travels for the next few days.  He returns to the stables to fetch his horse moving to the next part of town.  He notices a salesman selling crafted steel,  however the salesmen appeared to be out of stock.  He asks the man in english if he could make him a set of knives.  The man asks what Valentin wanted, pleased to have a customer in his midst. Valentin wanted a specific set of throwing knives matching the ones he once had during his time in Kamigawa. The blacksmith granted his request and told him to comeback within a few days time. When Valentin returns he then sees a new face at the smithy, meeting the apprentice of the blacksmith named Yao Fei. He asks the apprentice if he is in that day, the apprentice replys with a no then asks if he could help Valentin. Valentin then explains what he came for, sparking the Yao Fei's memory as he goes to retrieve the throwing knives for him. Yao Fei lays down a bag of knives indivdually wrapped at the blade with a small strip of leather then asks Valentin if those are the knives he purchased. Valentin inspects the blades and confirms what he has bought from them. Yao Fei gives a slight nod as both Valentin and Yao Fei give each other a farewell. Valentin gets back onto his horse and proceeds out of the town but feels rather tired since it was late in the day, so he decides to setup camp on the outskirts. Every now and then for weeks he would return to the town feeling as if he found a place to say. He would meet up with Yao Fei to practice his knife throwing at the small range they had set up near the smithy. Over the years he grew a bond with Yao Fei becoming close friends, not caring for the barrier of their speech. Yao Fei and Valentin became comrades together as if they were brothers having each-others back in every hardship they had. At the age of 27 Valentin enters the town one day meeting up with Yao Fei wanting to buy another set of knives. Yao Fei was curious on why he wanted a new set, Valentin explained that he wanted to move on away from the town. Yao Fei accepted his decision but insisted on tagging along with Valentin on his travels wanting to see more of the land, plus he felt as if Valentin's minor knowledge of the Chen Zhao language was lacking and offered to be Valentin's translator and companion on his journey. Valentin thought about it for a little less than a minute then told Yao Fei to meet up with Valentin in the morning ready to move out of the town. The night passes and sun has broken through the dark, Yao Fei as request then meets up with Valentin at the campsite where he stays at. Valentin finally finishes packing his things and they begin to ride out east for many years travelling together enduring the harsh lands ahead of them.
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